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Drug Rehab Centers

Addiction is a chronic health condition that requires professional addiction recovery treatment. Clients will need to complete detox in safe and controlled environment. The Mullen Recovery drug rehab center in Salt Lake City, Utah can also treat co-occurring conditions associated with your addiction thanks to dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Learn more about addiction to discover how our drug detox clinic can help you improve your health and wellbeing.

Identifying Addiction Symptoms

Clients often report a variety of physical symptoms triggered by an addiction to a certain substance. Depending on the substance, people may notice an increase or decrease in their activity level. Some drugs cause clients to experience a loss of appetite, which can lead to dramatic weight loss. People might look pale, have red eyes, and use repetitive speech patterns when they are addicted to a certain substance. Our addiction recovery program can help patients overcome the problems associated with substance abuse.

In addition to physical symptoms, clients might experience emotional problems. People often pull away from family and friends. Clients might feel more agitated at times, and lose their temper very easily. Addiction can cause people to experience depression. Other emotional signs of addiction include confusion, irrational behavior, and difficulty managing stress. Our addiction treatment facility provides professional counseling that can help people deal with emotional trauma.

People also experience problems in their personal and professional life. Addiction makes it difficult for clients to maintain healthy relationships with family and friends. Many family units dissolve because loved ones don't know how to respond to irrational behavior brought on by an addiction. Some clients report a decrease in performance at work. They often experience difficulty attending work regularly, starting shifts on time, and focusing on their daily responsibilities. Addiction is an expensive habit and often prevents clients from paying their bills. People can also get into quite a bit of legal trouble when they are caught buying, selling, or using drugs. Our addiction treatment center can help clients regain stability in their life so they can improve their personal and professional relationships.

Addiction Treatment

One of the first steps of addiction recovery is completing a detox program. Detox is the process of the toxins left behind by substances exiting your body. Clients may experience withdrawal symptoms that might be difficult to tolerate. It's important to go through the detox process in a supervised environment. Monitored detox also prevents clients from getting access to drugs when they are experiencing a withdrawal. Our addiction recovery facility provides clients with a safe environment to complete a detox program.

It's common for people to experience co-occurring mental health conditions in addition to their addiction symptoms. Depression is sometimes experienced when someone is addicted to a chemical substance. A professional might prescribe clients an antidepressant to help manage their depression, or have them take part in individual therapy to tackle the issue. Mood and anxiety disorders can also be associated with drug addiction. In addition to medication, professionals can introduce clients to therapeutic techniques to use during stressful times. Our addiction recovery center can diagnose and treat these underlying conditions.

Clients respond better to addiction treatment when they are surrounded by a strong support group. Professionals provide clients with counseling in a safe and confidential environment. Family and friends are often encouraged to participate in counseling sessions. Support groups are an excellent way to help clients through the addiction recovery process. Members of a support group offer emotional encouragement and hold each other accountable to their actions. Our drug rehab facility provides a great support system from medical professionals and other clients.

What to Expect

The Mullen Recovery Salt Lake City, Utah substance abuse treatment facility is one of the best places to recover from drug addiction. Clients will be interviewed to discuss their physical and emotional symptoms. It's likely that clients will complete a detox program to get all the chemical substances out of their body. Clients will also receive professional counseling and participate in support groups to fully recover from their addiction.